MP3 On Saturn


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An acquaitance of mine says that the Saturn he bought used can play MP3 disks. To the best of my knowlege, normal Saturns can not do that. Especially considering that SEGA Saturn debuted two years before the first MP3 player. Is there any alteration possible that can allow the Saturn to play MP3s?



If he meant Saturn, then he's a fool or lying. There is a VCD addon, but that doesn't cover the MP3 format. At a stretch, you could encode an empty video with just audio, but that would be using the Mpeg 1 layer 2 format, which frankly sounds crap.


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I think the Saturn processors aren't fast enough to decode MP3. After all, since it doesn't has any hardware MP3 decoders, you would need some sort of software mp3 player.

The GP32, even having a processor that is faster than the PSX's (and can outbeat the N64 main processor at high speed modes), needs full dedication to play MP3s (so you can't use them in games. For the Saturn such task would prolly be not possible in real-time.

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I haven't seen it, but its possible. Multi-System pirate consoles like VCD/SS/PSX Players which also play MD/SNES/NES CD-Rs usualy also play MP3s as well, but I never seen a pirate SS which did that. Usualy mp3 is always built into the VCD Consoles that play games though. So your friend probably means Dreamcast.


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He does mean mean SEGA Saturn, we got that point clear right off the bat.
And its not a multi-system console either.