MP3's in Sega CD's

I'm new to Sega CD iso's here and wanted to know why the MP3's won't play in my emulator? I'm using Gens 1.80 and it will play most of my actual Sega CD's, but has trouble playing the MP3's of the Sega CD's I've downloaded. Do the MP3 files need to be converted to another type of file first, and if so, how do I do that. I'm trying to play them from my hard drive and haven't yet burned them to CD's. Any help would be appreciated.
First off, nice nick - I still haven't seen the film, though I'd like to :)

Hmm. Well I do the same thing with my Sega CD games as well, I prefer to run them off the hard drive in iso+mp3 format.

I'm willing to bet you just need to rename them as such:


Sonic 02.mp3

Sonic 03.mp3

Sonic 04.mp3


Also many titles require/perform better in perfect sync mode.
Archiver, thank you. I renamed the files as you suggested and now they play with sound.

By the way, THX 1138 is a wierd movie, and you can't find it on DVD.