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Mid Boss
Several questions about the game.

1) there's a cheat code to unlock an ambulance and a hummer. So, a) is it real,
when do you input this code and c) Where do the vehicles show up?

I should elaborate on a and b. For a), I've seen 3 different versions of the code. For
, I'm not sure what intro they're referring to - is it the one w/ the FMV, or the one w/ the ADX/Bizarre Creations logos, or is it where it asks you to press start?

2) After beating every chapter you receive the Honda S2000 - does that include beating the special restrictions and such?

3) What about the porsche 911 - just beat the game twice? Is there a way around this? (the game is tedious enough the first time through).

I'm working on chapter 19 right now. Just want to know what to expect later on.

Thanks all for your help in advance.
I think most of the stuff you're talking about there is related to the Jap version only. I was unaware of any codes of any sort for this game so I don't think the hummer/ambulance code is for real.

The Porsche 911 is definately only in the Jap version, and the Honda S2000 is not the final car in the non-japanese version.

Of course, if you are playing the Japanese game, then I'm talking out my arse
, but shit happens...
See, my thing is I read on IGN that MSR was never released in Japan? I could be talking out my arse as well, however I'm sure I read this. I can't find the article on IGN now (it's pretty dated).

I know the GT-R is the last car to earn, but I thought the S2000 is earned after you beat everything, I think.

Who knows. I'll learn as I go, I guess.
Here You can get this information:

"Metropolis Street Racer

All tracks:

Hold Start during the introduction sequence.

Bonus cars:

Press A, B, A, Up, Down, Y, Left, X during the introduction sequence to unlock the Humvee and Ambulance.

In-game reset:

Press A + B + X +Y + Start during game play to return to the title screen.

Honda S2000 (Japanese version):

Successfully complete the game once in quest mode.

Porsche 911 (Japanese version):

Successfully complete the game twice in quest mode.

Hint: Easy win in challenge mode:

To easily complete chapters in challenge mode, just pull handbrake turns (press A + Left or Right) when going into a corner. If done correctly, the words "Way Hay" should appear. Keep doing this on most corners. but remember to complete the objective as well. When the race is done you will stack up the points.

Information in this section was contributed by lee parnaby.

Hint: Easy Kudos on street racing:

To achieve lots of Kudos in just one race do the following. Go to a Hotlap round, a round in which you only need to beat a lap time, not one of the average time, and start the race. On the first lap, get the time. You now have passed the stage, but do not end the second lap. Find a good, straight portion of road. You get kudos for turning with the handbrake. Go to one side of the road as fast as you can. As you are approaching, do a 180º turn using the handbrake, If done correctly, "Wey Hey" should appear on the screen. Next, drive the way you are facing to the other side and do the same. When moving the wrong way, you need to spin 180º in order to get the kudos. Just keep repeating this, then race normally and finish the race. For every five minutes that you do this, you will get approximately 1000 Kudos. There is no time limit. The best city for doing this is San Francisco, as it has wide roads. Play jokers to get more points -- if you do this for 20 minutes with a joker, you can get more than 8000 Kudos in just one race.

Information in this section was contributed by Xpazeman."

It is confusing since you say a jap version was never released. Maybe it is the Euro version.(?)


Ahhhh, for what you wrote, you maybe have read this before.
Gamefaqs ->, right?

I don't know how it works, but I'm curious. From what I've read there isn't any other way to earn these phantom vehicles, so if they're available only through the code, then ya know...

I'll probably just experiment. We'll see.
These are the cars accessed via gameshark codes (the last few, anyway):

Garage Slot 3 Modifier

Replace XX with the number listed with the car you would like for that slot.



Car List

Replace XX with the number listed beside the car you would like for that slot.


London Taxi 31

Yellow Cab 32

Japanese Taxi 33

Lawn Mower 34

London Bus 35

City Bus 36

Japanese Bus 37

I don't know if these are true, however, it's interesting to wonder how one accesses these vehicles if you DON'T have a gameshark.

The plot thickens...
All of those vehicals are rewards for completing some of the "Special" races. Incidentally, you don't seem to need to meet the minimum requirements for entering the races that have them - if you earn enough Kudos by the end of the race, you seem to get the bonus regardless...
That's strange. On those races I sometimes earn 800+ kudos and still don't unlock anything - I have to go back w/ the car and time they want in order to even see how many kudos they want.

Go figure.

Oh, and I just noticed the 7 ?'s above the final car, the GT-R. Oops.
That still doesn't explain the hummer and such, though (if they exist).
Well, I play the f*cked-over Euro version which is buggy as hell. Probably explains why I can get the bonuses without meeting the race requirements