multi cd games

with games that are more than 1 cd how do you guys play them? i mean when it's time to change the cd sans you did a trick to fool the saturn to think that the cd door is closed even when it's open, so how do you chabge the cd's ? it qlays thinks that the cd door is closed so in games like PDS you can only play cd1
well if you want to fool the sega saturn to think its open you can put a pin down the hole were the peice of plastic goes down from the lid that touches the button inside. you must leave the lid open obviously
i don't want to fool the saturn i already taped that button to fool it what i want to know is how do i change the cd's when the game asks me?
I think you should be able to save before it asks you to change to the next disc. When you have the next disc booted up (using either the swap or you have a modded Saturn), just load your save and continue playing.