Multi File HEX Search?

Hello all.

Is there a program that will perform a multi file HEX search?

I've started to look at another game to translate (Grandia: Digital Museum) but the game text has escaped my searches thus far. One of the problems is that there is no obvious dialog file and I have to search through them all (so if I make a mistake on the right file, I'm screwed).

Thanks for the help!

Have you looked at Hex Workshop? I've used it to compare different files, and it will automatically find the differences in the two. Here is a link to the homepage : Hex Workshop

Maybe that's not what yer exactly looking for, but I've used it especially on Dreamcast game saves, different versions and what not, and it works really well.
I went into a bit of detail on doing it in another post:

What I would suggest then would be to make an iso image of the game, open it up in hex workshop, and search for a string from the game(remember to convert the characters to shift-jis bytes). Once you've found a match, write down the offset it found it at.

Now, depending on the program, etc. the next step could be different. If you made the image in cdrwin, take that offset you wrote down, and divide it by 2352. That should give you which sector the data is at. Next take a program like Isobuster, load up the iso, and try to find a file that's located at a sector that's closest, but not greater than that offset. That should be the file where the text is. Just to make sure it is, load up that file in hex workshop, and do the same search again. You should find it.

I'm sure someone must've wrote a multi-file search, but considering I haven't found anything yet, just use my method.

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Many thanks for the suggestions!

I'll give both options a try this weekend. Hopefully I'll find it and can start working out the translation!

Have you tried UltraEdit? I know it supports multi-file ASCII. It might support multi-file HEX as well.
It is an archaic dos util I wrote, but works fine for me. It is at

It is called search.exe

if you do something like search -p *.*

then you enter the hex string like

08 12 5a 07

enter *twice*

and off you go, results will be displayed on screen and also to a file called res.txt