Multi region games


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My copy of Virtua Racing has always had me puzzled.

It came from a video store and the cover was butchered to fit a jewel case.

The strange thing is that it is of US style.

The instructions have US phone numbers and addresses.

I finally got around to seeing a european copy (I'm in Australia) and it's the usual black cardboard and plastic.

I ran Satconv on my CD and it came back with area codes of JTUBKAEL.

Anyone else seen this?
My copy of Pocket Fighter is region free [or multi-region if you like], but I think it might be from an HK silver. I've heard many HKs are region free, but I've never been able to prove it - the two I have, Marvel Super Heroes and The House Of The Dead are JPN only.
somebody mentioned to me that their US copy of Legend of Oasis ran fine on their v-saturn (bios 1.01) with out a cart/mod or territory change. original game too. i also have a v-saturn (bios 1.01) and the same game and i still need to use an st-key.