Multiplayer RPG s

Okay, I searched the forums...couldn't find anything. I'm not talking about Guardian Heroes or anything like that...that's NOT an RPG. Ahem..anyway. This question was sparked because I recently picked up a copy of "Tengai Makyo The Apocalypse 4" . On the back, surprisingly says 1-2 player. I haven't had a chance to test it out/play (waiting till I get a new battery for my Saturn)...but has anyone else had experience with this?

Anyhoo, the real meat of my inquiry. Are there any other multiplayer RPGs for the Saturn? I would figure some of the action-RPG's like Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon or Madou Monogatari would have an option, but I don't own either of those. Thanks
Tengai Makyou IV? Multiplayer?

I don't see how... I have that game, and it is as classic RPG as a game can get. The dunegon/fields play a lot like Lunar 2 EB, where you can see the enemies on the screen, and the battle system is a super enhanced version of the Phantasy Star 3 battle system, where you only see the enemies, but not the charatcers, on the screen.

Alas, the enemies are HUGE, full cell-drawn, and their attack animations take over most of the screen, like a full screen anime.

I don't see how that game could be played by two people. Maybe there is a minigame further in the game where you can go multiplayer, but am very early into the game (Alaska).

If you are looking form something Seiken Densetsu 3-style, I never seen any on Saturn. Actually, I think I can pretty much count *all* console RPGs that play like SD3 with my hands...
On the back of your copy doesn't it say 1-2 (hito) and then some character I can't recognize (haven't taken Japanese for a year...sooo rusty). If you look on other games thats where they put how many players can play. That's all I'm going on.