multiple files

hi, ima total newb but i want to know what to do to make ur cd when uve downloaded multiple .rar files? any help would be great..t.hanx
well then you have an incomplete set. you need to dwnld the rest.

and if individual archives are busted then you need to redwnld those ones but winrar 3.0 tells you which ones are broken
umm lets see if it is doing this even after attempted repair and redownloading any files you might not have or have and are broken. i said both those games are incomplete uploads.
what do u mean incomplete uploads....ah...i have a folder full of bin files....and a winrar extractable file that says its an!
winrar 3.0 associates itself with .iso files actually by default

i suggest you tell us the format of the name (is it game.part01.rar or game.rXX) and what version of winrar you are using on them


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This guy seems more confused the most first-time burners. Dude, read the miscallaneous section on how to download stuff. It sounds like you just didn't finish downloading the games. You need every one of those rar files.
don't get anything from locke's fileserve until you know what you're doing