Mums day

i hope your mother doesn't read that
comon on man, i think my mom deserves an extra day of apparent recognition for putting up with me and doin her best to raise me to be a good person. so i am down my mom day. :biglaugh
yes i know there's father's day there's also grandparents day. all i believe are foolish. I mean all have birthdays and most people celebrate some other type of holiday so that's enough celebration for the family. (i don't even celebrate my own birthday that's just info tossed in)
In my opinion parents deserve to have a day set aside for them.

Moms and dads are pretty special people, they put up with alot of cr*p from their kids.

I never thought that ONE DAY is enough to tell loved ones what they mean to you, you never know how long you'll have them. Our lifetimes are finite, and you can never say "I love you" too many times.
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It's stupid i mean mothers day is pointless. isn't their birthday good enough?

Have you thought of the possibility that your mom's birthday happens to land on Mother's Day? Double jeopardy, I assume?
In a way, I almost agree with jim993. It's too bad we need a special day, even a birthday, to show another human being, especially one that means and has meant so much too us, how much we appreciate them. I guess it's another sign of the times that we are too busy on a daily or weekly basis to do this. Too bad, so sad. Another negative aspect is whether "forced" appreciation, is really "true" appreciation. So goes life in our times. ???
its not really forced its just condensed. so all those times you forgot to say thanks for her making your lunch or doing the other 1000's of things moms do, you can make it up. but i may be wrong ta think my mom deserves a day when she can laze about and me an my dad do all the stuff she usually does and then we treat her out to supper.
I agree with you Falstaff, in that we have to have one day to

honor people that really should get our thanks every day.

But for some, days like this are the only way to get them to stop and think of how important the people in their lives are.

Mother's day isn't "forced appreciation", it's merely a reminder to tell mom why she is so important to you.
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Although i agree with you all, it STILL sounds like something a Jevhova Witness would say...

What are you going on about?