Music in Video games

I just thought of this topic simply cause I was going through eBay and stubled on a game I used to own , and now I cant get the music outta my head!! I most likely have told everyone this allready but I LOVE music, and game music....and Super Nintendo had some superb music, and the game I cant stop thinking about is Axelay....If you have played this game to the end, you will know its the best shooter on the snes. Everything about it was very impressive....I LOVE the music on stage 2 and 4 , the rest were great as for you guys out there, what games out there do you think sound awesome music wise? let me know....
Rez - Dreamcast

NiGHTS, Panzer Dragoon - Saturn

Sonic CD, Ecco, Batman Returns - Mega-CD

Thunder Force III, Batman, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Super Shinobi, Vapor Trail - MegaDrive

Out Run, After Burner II, Space Harrier, Ninja Warriors - Arcade

Cotton - PC Engine CD

ActRaiser, Super Adventure Island - SNES

Mikie, Crazy Comets, Phantoms of the Asteroid - C64

Lazy Jones, Antarctic Adventure - MSX

Zybex, Warhawk - Atari 8-bit

Blood Money, Xenon 2 - Amiga

Ninja Gaiden - GameBoy

Wonder Boy - Master System

And many others, I love videogame music!
All the FFs - NES/SNES/PSX/PS2

Chrono Cross - PSX

Parasite Eve - PSX

Resident Evil 2 (Escape from Laboratory is my favorite) - PSX/N64/DC

Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament - PSX/PS2

Many others.....
For some reason I love the music in Legend of Mana for the PSX. The music and art were the best parts of that game.
My favorite music is in games:

Ecco for Sega CD

Ecco for Dreamcast

Shenmue I and Shenmue II

Lunar The Eternal Blue Music sticks quite a bit.
Gradius: just about all of it - the K005289 (ROM-based SCC variant, for those of you into MSX) just has a neat sound.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Young Nobleman of Sadness (the one with the guitar being played by some guy with level 3 Wired Reflexes; I think it's in the Clock Tower) kicks my ass.

Castlevania: Vampire Killer (especially the Minibosses rendition).

Final Fantasy: I hope I don't have to say more here.

Super Shinobi: I can't explain it, so I won't try.
All the Final Fantasy Games (especially 4, 7 & Tactics)


Lunar 1 & 2

Chrono Trigger

Dragon Force

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night/Dracula X

Super CastleVania 4

Shining Force 1, 2, CD & of course 3

Phantasy Star 4

Zelda Games (especially 3)


Street Fighter Games (all of them)

Fighters Megamix

Tekken Games

Sonic Games

Mario Games


I know i forgot some, oh well
Guardian Legend, Lifeforce, Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, Mega Man II, Ninja Gaiden, and many others that I can't think of on the NES.

I would definitely agree that Axelay had one of the best soundtracks for a shooter; from the low minor tones in the 2nd stage to the high-tempoed "victory song extension" with the final boss at the end of the game. Excellent. Konami rocks for composition in many other SNES titles like Contra III.

Shadow Dancer, Gunstar Heroes, Thunder Force IV, Castlevania Bloodlines-(Konami again!), Streets Of Rage series, and many more on the Genesis. -(Yuzo Koshiro rocks!)
awesome!! Im glad many others out there like Video game music like I do.
For a LONG time I thought I was the only person that would just sit there in AWE and listen to turbo duo cds or SNES music, and yes, I even liked a bunch of the genesis games....and even nes... :)now that Im on the subject, and Ive got different games on the brain, Ill share them with you guys n gals...

Nes games

Mega Man 2 and 3 had some really catchy tunes, love CapCom, I even have Most of the Mega Man series from tv recorded on VHS tapes!

Simons Quest Castlevania 2 also had remarkable music...Night time!!

Super C had great music, thumping beats...for nes...

Genesis games

Streets of Rage - Love it, its in stereo!! good beat also!

Sonic 1 and 2 - Love that lil hedgehog, and all the tunes in those games are well done.

Shadow Dancer - Best ninja game on the genesis + a dog! with the best soundtrack for a ninja game..

Space Harrier II - Legendary shooter with not so bad tunes...

Sword of Vermillion - Best RPG on the system accompanied by awesome music tracks...

Super nintendo games

Axelay - allready said above

Castlevania iV - Must hear to believe its that good!!

ActRaiser - An old favorite, every song on it is a masterpiece!

Super R-Type and R Type 3 - Love em!! R Type music is superb!

Super Ghouls n Ghosts - Unbelieveable graphics and music!!

King Arthurs World - Surround Sound made the game come alive!!

Contra 3 - WooHoo cant get much better!!

Neo Geo System games

Ninja Combat - Music is very catchy....

All the KOF games

I could go on an on all night with neo geo, I love the music from allmost all the neo geo games...thanks to its awesome hardware...

Ill post more when Im not sooo tired and I get more games in mind.
All time favorite is easily Xenon on the Atari ST. I get the music from the first level in my head even when I haven't played it for years.

I think the Xenon 2 music is pretty cool also (by Bomb the Bass) but the game wasn't so hot.
Nes Favs -

Double Dragon 2

Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario Bros. 3

Chip & Dale

The Flintstones

Twin Cobra

Rad Racer

Blaster Master

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

Batman: Return of the Joker

River City Ransom

Megaman 1-6

Batman 3

Super Spy Hunter

The Jetsons

Yo! Noid




Snake, Rattle & Roll

-Even games with very repetitive music

Master Chu & the Drunkard Hu

Adventure Island

3-D Battles of World Runner

A Boy and his Blob

That'll do for now.