Must...Have...Dragon Force!

I'm looking to finish off my Saturn collection, and this one has escaped my gasp long enough. I don't have a lot to trade, but i've got money, and i hate eBay, so i'm tryin' here :D

The only game i have to trade is Metroid Prime, but i'd be willing to trade that and say $35? to whoever has a copy of US Dragon Force, preferably complete.

EDIT: metroid is band new, btw. i recently traded my copy away, and then bought it again...but i've yet to take the shrink wrap off :p
Hmm, if you could find a game other then Metroid Prime I might be interested. I have Dragon Force, its in a plastic case disc only. Up to you ;)
Hey there, I have an original copy, good condition. Still have Metroid Prime, I'll trade ya, I have to find my case and book, i keep it in a regular cd case. Let me know.
It's strange. I have very little luck finding US saturn titles. I have spent a lot of time and effort trying to collect them.

Although I have many large gaps in my collection, I found a mint US Dragon Force complete at my local thrift store for $2. I wasn't even looking for it because I am not big on that genre.

It was in perfect condition! I am not trying to torture you, but the story gets worst. I hated playing it. I tried it several times, but I just can't get into it. So the prize of my collection turns out to be the least played... I am not giving it up tho'

It is strange that the things you least desire just fall into your hands no matter how rare... and the things you want the most evade you even if they are common. (I spent YEARS looking for ultra common atari carts like Canyon Bomber) -- I think it is just God having a laugh at our expense. :p