Mutant Leage Football

Still the only football game I'll even consider playing. They should make Mutant League Football 2003, dammit. Imagine the gore!
Aw dude that would be like one big gory orgasm...
That would be awsome. Yeah those are the only sports games i'll even consider playing as well.
I prefered the hockey, easier to pick up and play..

I wish EA would throw together another mutant league incarnation.. That may just save their asses from segas sports onslaught haha (Like EA is in trouble)
I have both of these in my collection and they are two of my all time favs. You just mention them in a crowd and some one is like "damn I played that it was awesome"
I'm Irish so I have a very poor understanding of the sport. I learned to play Madden at one point but had forgotten everything a week later.

Mutant League Football was brilliant fun; particularly in 2-player. Neither my brother and I understood what we were doing very well but decapitations, bottomless pits and killing the referee were just the kind of thing we could comprehend.

A sequel would definately grab peoples attention, Especially the Europeans and the Japanese.
WOW this game souds awsome -- i got a hankering to go to funcoland and see if they have it

i just recently tried joe montana sports talk football 2 and realised that saga indead was the best sports company -- i was sooo impresed with it -- i used to be an ea guy

but this mutant game -- i thought was just a stupid game with monster looking players - boy was i wrong -- hopfuly the funco has it im gonna try and get it tonight