My Demo

ok......i COULD burn this to a cd, but have now way of photographing it (as asked in the readme!)....only thing i can do is hook my Saturn up to my pc's capture crd and video it! ;)
Cool! I can´t get any pics from my Saturn though, since I don´t have a digital camera.

I guess you can put it up yourself on the contest page, nescphp. :)


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nescphp: Just load it up on Satourne or another saturn emu and take screen shots.

Congrats on finishing, I'm looking forward to seeing your demo when I get home.


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Great demo Nescphp, what's the difference between TEK1 and TEK2 ? I didn't manage to run the second ISO with SSF.


hehe it's my 666 posts :D

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thanks :D -- pretty lame demo but -- heh ;) umm TEK-2 is a demo it works under GiriGiri only, IIRC i coded some stuff that the saturn did NOT like ... its wierd, but i hope you enjoy the second one