My farking Genesis...



Ok, first off let me say that my problem with my Genesis is in no way the cause of the AV cable that Norberto sent me. I remember it doing this before when I used to use the RF unit. Anywhoo...:

Here's the problem. My genesis works fine, only it makes this constant *buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* sound on my TV. You can only faintly hear the game ambience under the buzz. So, I tried turning down my TV all the way and plugging in my headphones to the Genesis. That worked fine, and there was no buzz in the headphones. But, simply put, I don't want to have to do that whenever I play a game. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks!
Yeah. It did this before I got my AV cable, which was before I moved to my dad's house, and hence, on my mom's TV.
dude, i worked doing the sound for big concerts for a while @ my dad's music store. when we used to hear hissing it was due to faulty grounded audio. Anotherwords, chances are that the audio connection is f'ed up on the inside. if u have a model 1 genesis with the headphone jack test the headphone jack and see if hissing is there too. if it is then i dunno what the fuk to tell u except to spend 10 dollers and get a used genesis replacement. :
As I said, it works fine on the headphones (no *buzzzzzzzzzzz*).........*sigh*
well how do u connect your sega to the tv? RCA connecitions or RF?

If u use RCA you can do this... put the yellow video wire into the tv as u usually would. Second go out and buy a 1/8" stereo jack adapter to a dual-phono RCA connection (cost 2 dollars) , connect the phono jacks to the back of the tv as u would normally and ure problem should be solved. the cable looks simlar to this...

a /-------------> R


\-------------> L

A) what youd plug into the genesis (normal headphone jack)

R) and L) are your Right and Left stero channels that go into the back of the television.

If you have cable TV you may also wanna try just disconnection the coaxil cable from the tv as that causes some sound distortion on my tv.

Hope this helps..
Ok, so lemme get this straight (thank you, by the way!):

I get a Y-adapter that plugs one end into the headphone jack, and the other two into the TV. One thing, how would I extend the adapter to reach the TV (or does it already come with wires long enough?)? Thank you!
well they have adapters with the built in right and left audio cables, but the one i'm thinking of is about an inch long. You plug it in and then you would take a standard set of red/white (colors don't matter, but most are like this) audio cables and plug them into the adapter and and the other end into the audio inputs on your TV
Correct BigDAlcala. The ones i have are about 5ft long. The should be long enough to reach from the system to the TV. Most A/V cables arent much longer than that. The wire will run you like 2-4 dollars id assume. Try looking at a Radio shack, Best Buy, or even Wal mart. I personally have two of these wires. I got one at best buy then another at Wal Mart. Just remember the crude diagram I drew and you will be alright. And surely someone at one of the stores will be able to help you if u cant find it.