My lunar 2 problem

I posted this earlier (in the wrong fourm unfortunatly) and I thought I would clarify my situation here in the RIGHT Sx fourm :).

I'm currently at the illusion forst just after the event where the plant moster (planterlla (?)) took most of the members of the troupe. The exact place I'm stuck at looks something like this




The Xs represent the trees/passage way's I can use, unfortuatly after going though all of the passage ways I end up right where I started (the first X). I'm assuming that there is a trick to this that is extermly obvious but, I doubt it as I have been trying about every path for the past three days.

Thanks in advance


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you have to talk to all people a few times if I recall right, then Jean joins you and will let you go into a hole or tree which leads underground to fight the monster.
Ohh I know that one!!! In one of tress is another path to take, If i rem right you take the top left X. If you still are stuck email me and Ill get you out of there =)