My old PS website.


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I'm really thinking of retooling and "recommiting" to my outdated Phantasy Star website...

(I took great pride in my links page)

You people think I should

A) Continue from where I left off

B) Start again!!! As my first design was promising... yeah right.

C) Find a new hobby, like juggling.

D) Try some other game or interest, as Phantasy Star websites are a dime a dozen.
Hey Nadius, I had a look at your site and come to see that it isnt totally finished. Being a great SEGA fan myself i think u should stick by SEGA and continue along that line. I also have a site that has been around for awhile it was originally a dedicated VMU site which was one of the first to offer .midi files to work for the DC while browsing online. After afew years of sucess without being on any seach engine and getting peaks of 300 aday i decided to upgrade to more consoles. This proved a great task as 1 i was coding it in pure HTML(notepad) and i had only me to help 2 it was just too much to handle. So i closed it. Would you be interested in joining up with me to make a dedicated SEGA site or something along that line? I am planning on starting totally from scratch and using WYSIWYG to make my project easier. If You are interested please e-mail me at