My own shooter

Here is my new binary for the Saturn

It is an attempt at doing a shooter.

There is a .bin that should be uploaded with a PAR ...

It is located here

I've also done a webpage where you can find the source.

Feedbacks are welcome
Thanks for sharing this with us! By the way, do we just make a cue sheet for this to burn it?
Originally posted by Reinhart@July 21 2002, 9:40 am

There is a .bin that should be uploaded with a PAR ...

It is a waste to burn it I think but it' up to you

I don't know how to create a iso in order to burn it

I suggest to try an emulator if you really wanna try.
It would probably work if you insert an appropriate bootstrap block into the ISO. This is sometimes called ip.bin (for Initial Program), and is in the first 32KB of a Saturn ISO.

I don't plan to add a new line of code ...but who knows ... ^

I have added a new .bin with a Rock Howard who can walk (!)

I don't mention it but feel free to use the code like you want.

(I use the SGL, everithing so much easyer with it.)
Shure i can draw some sprites if you want. I would love to help with a shooter for Saturn. Just email me and tell me what you need and ill fix it ASAP.
It's not a disc image, it's a raw binary program for Saturn. To burn it to CD you need to create an ISO containing it and having a standard Saturn boot block.
An iso version can be found here

The usual PAR version is here

There is still no sound.

I burn the iso using easy cd pro 95, do the swap trick and it works fine.

Don't forget to hold the B button