my pc sometimes refuse to turn off(WINXP PRO)why??

recently i've problems sometimes when im trying to turn off my damned pc(WINXP PRO)

when the message :''saving settings'' appear it will stay there forever

so i've to reset it using the reset button and with some luck it will finally be shutted down


i've 2 HDDs,and i've not defragging them for over 6 months now

is that the reason??or what?


Jaded God

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Yes, I too find that it takes forever for it to turn off... And I defrag sometimes too.

Mine usually turns off, and Im using WINXP Home not Pro.. But it will hang at Saving Settings... for some time.. A bit excessive.



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You may have something running in the background that's misbehaving, and Windows is waiting for it to respond to the shutdown message.