My SegaCD is not working

When I turn on my genesis, the genesis boots, but the SegaCD does nothing. It is a side mounting SegaCD - I tried 3 Genesis models - 2 of the original model 1 Sega Genesis, and 1 of the smaller model 2.

The light on the SegaCD does not even come on. Any insights on what's wrong and how to fix it?
I have this problem a lot. I usually pull them apart and push it back together to make sure it's a clean fit. I also have to make sure that the AC adaptors are snug and receiving plenty o' juice.

Once I push them together and start it up, it works great.

I'm not sure if that helps... worth a shot?
Thanks Curtis. That's exactly what it was. I bought a 1 amp fuse and installed it, and now my SegaCD works fine.