My SMS Writer/reader in progress :)


Here you can follow my DIY SMS Reader/Writer as described on: (this is where i get the info from)

And here is my Work In Progress Reader/Writer :smash

If Anybody Can help me out to find these parts:

so if anybody can help me out on those
(i phone me crazy and drove far to strange stores to find it, but nowhere to find)

Parts Still Needed For The Reader/Writer


50 way 0.1in pitch edge connector (1x)

(One you can solder on to the board)


Parts Needed For The 32K Flashcart


Harris/ICL 7673 (battery backup watchdog chip)


Parts Needed For The 256K Flashcart


Harris/ICL 7673 (battery backup watchdog chip)

NEC 431000 32 pin, 1MBit, 8 bit, low power CMOS SRAM chip (2x)

4001 quad 2-input CMOS NOR gate IC (1x)

Also if Someone can donate, or is willing to sell his After Burner Cartridge, so i can make my 256K Flashcard.

Anyway i will keep you updated on this work

GreetZ DjoeN
Today i worked on the 32K Cartridge, Also doing some more wire connections on the PCB

When The wiring is done, i'm stuck cause of the missing parts