My Vote for the music contest!

Cecilia Chen

Ban Hammered
For my vote, I think Yie Ar Kung Fu wins me over. Its so retro, and reminds me of the Sega Master System which was the king of the hill! The rest kinda sound like SNES deals, and wern't as good or authentic to the classics.

For my second vote, it would have to be between Ecco and Sonic. But I think Sonic edges out slightly more for its cute piano and as always classic sega tune for the ages.
My vote goes to Astal.... simply because I would have never thought to hear someone remixing game music with different types of house ( especially booty & disco house )

And... as a side note, I had to download the song and I've had it playing for about 2 hours now... I like it THAT much :)

Yumm.... Afrika Bambaata & DJ Funk... HOW can you go wrong?!

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The Sega Master System simply rocked! And to top it off, I can remember everyone buying it simply for one game... ONE GAME...


So since there isn't any shinobi tracks, I vote for

Kung Fu as my favorate song since the tune rocks, and its done ALA Master System style. No fancy duds, no totaly crazy remix's which sound like crap, just a simple remix done the Master System way.

I mean, you know a remix rocks when the orignal console could play it back! :)

That sonic song was not bad ether, but it would have kicked butt if it was done like Kung-fu Master System style.

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My vote goes to Ecco: Za Dorufin!

Best remix that * I think * could be played back on a genesis. Music of very good taste too.
i liked them all, but i think that the ECCO remix stayed true to it's roots. It captured the essence of the game, although i have to say that the dracula one was very good and if i could have had 2 votes it would have revived it as well. ....... my vote: Ecco
I thought this was a contest to see who could make the coolest remix... NOT what system had the coolest music, etc etc??

Guess I got it wrong somewhere.