Name That Movie!

Movie 1

Simon: Hey Zack, wanna play Sega with me? SEGA!(Sega scream)

Zack: Sure.

Simon's Father: He REALLY likes Sega.

Name the movie, then (if you can) add a quote for others to guess.

...and in case you were wondering, yes, I'm bored.
Oh god, you couldn't have picked a funnier film from my point of view. It's 'She's All That'.

Funny for me because of my girlfriend's hatred of Rachael Leigh Cook due to my erm.. admiration. I like her big dark eyes *sigh*
. My girlfriend on the other hand, wants to 'Chop her big f*&!"&g bony head off' (that's foul-mouthed Mancunians for you).

My quote (fairly obscure):

"All view the challenger being chased by the blue, blue meanies on wheels.. The electric soul-charge, the demi-god, the super-driver of the Golden West. The vicious strappin' squad cars are after our lone driver in his soul mobile. Yeah baby, they're 'bout to strike! Smash him, grab him.. The last beautiful free soul on this planet..'

Cult classic
oh yea i actualy unfortunatley saw that film i remember that scene now

(for the first quote)

that last one ---no f'n clue only thing i can gues is "easy rider"?
No, but it's on similar lines to it and made around the same time, but not as well-known. Maybe Ice would know it, he seems to be a car man.