Need Help burning Bin + Mp3

binchunker don´t open bin without the cue

I´ll try it anyway
WTF !!!

I renamed it to Track.iso and "Satconv32" detected it as a valid iso, correct game name, country code and etc

Lol !!

let´s see if works after burning

Thanks !!!
ISOs can have either the .ISO or .BIN file extension. *.ISO is generally for MODE1/2048 and *.BIN for MODE1/2352 or MODE2/2352 or MODE2/2336, but sometimes you may find MODE1/2048 images you download from the internet named as *.BIN. SatConv works as long as the total size (in bytes) of the image is divisible by 2,048 or 2,352 and that the first 16 sectors (i.e., 32,768 bytes for 2,048 bytes/sector | 37,632 bytes for 2,352 bytes/sector) of the image contains a valid IP.BIN (i.e., boot code) of the game.