Need help burning Saturn CD


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Basically, I'm trying to rip my Langrisser 3 CD, applying the translation patch, and burning it to a cd.

I get as far as ripping the cd and applying the patch, but i'm COMPLETELY lost on how to actually burn the file to a cd. I've checked out all the tutorials numerous times but they don't seem to be helping me at all.

So far I've just got a .bin file, whats my next step? I know I have to convert it to an ISO (right?) I use the Raw2iso program and end up with a disc image. Am I doing it correct so far? If so whats the next step? Thanks so much for the help.


do you have a CUE file that goes with the BIN file? You don't need to convert it to an ISO.

Once you have an BIN and a CUE, you can burn it in most any modern burning program.


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Sorry for bumping this topic but where can i find that translation patch? I know it isn't complete and the project has been dropped but i've searched for it everywhere and wasn't able to find. If anyone could atleast direct me to where i can find it i'd be glad.