Need help converting Action Replay Codes to Artmoney format for use with SSF


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I want to cheat in Virtua Fighter Kids using Ssf and Artmoney but I have no idea how to convert a Action replay code into a Artmoney cheat code.

There is a old thread here where somebody does it Using Sega Saturn Action Replay Codes In a progam like Artmoney? - Forums -

The code in question is 16045974 00a0 for Inf health in Usa Virtua Fighter Kids, maybe somebody here with knowledge knows how to convert it to Artmoney format.

Thanks in advance.


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80045974 a000

Doesn't work, It only let's me insert the 80045974 part, not the a000, and somebody on discord said to change Value to a0 but it just says "NO" in that bar when I do that.

Might have to hit up the Artmoney forum unless somebody here is familiar with this stuff.


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well, that guide is just wrong then. What I do not get is how does this system know the difference between LWRAM and HWRAM? Your screenshots are showing LWRAM, but we need to be in HWRAM since that is where your code is.


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Case closed, just discovered that I could access wire frame mode in Vf Kids without completing the game on hard mode so don't need cheats.