Need help with burning of a cd image image i d/led

You should try asking the guy you downloaded it from. I haven't ever seen a game backed up in .dat files before.
What was it supposed to be? If it's supposed to be video, it's probably a VCD .dat file; try opening it up in a good MPEG-capable video player to see if that's the case. If it is, then you can burn it to CD with VCD support in some burning programs, or...

Create a Mode 2 Form 2 (2336 user bytes/sector) track and stick the file on there. Don't worry if the file seems like it's a bit too big to fit on your CD (e.g. 700MB on a "650MB" CD); the "normal" capacities of CD-ROM are based on Mode 1 data tracks, which don't hold quite as much data. I don't know if a real (i.e. standalone) VCD player will play discs formatted this way, though. More info on VCD and how to deal with it is available at ]this site.