need help with converting rars.newbie

double click on the .rar file or it's compressed with v3 winrar, then click on part01.rar, it opens up winrar, and brings up winrar and shows the files, on the top left, there's a button "Extract to", click on that, enter your path or leave it, and shouldn't have to touch the settings and click OK, and your files should decompress, then, bring up your favourite burning utility and burn your game and enjoy!
well, if there's a .cue file, you can load the cue file in cdrwin and burn the image, or make a cue file for it, or you can get ezcd from the miscellaneous section of the site, and install it, and use that to burn the game. i found dat ezcd was a better choice, cuz with my burner, cdrwin won't allow me to burn audio tracks that were shorter than 4 seconds. and ezcd let me do it.

Note - convert the .mp3 to .wav file
yeah, you should check out the iso before you burn it, cuz you dunno if someone changed the region to be able to play on their system, so check/change before you burn

calm down Taelon... there's no need to be angry. lol

many more of these posts will apear, you'll have to learn living with it! hehe