Need help with mod-board installation (Saturn)

Hi all,

got this mod-board for ~half a year now and want to finally install it into my Saturn... but even though there are several install manuals around on the net two questions still remain:

1. Does anyone know how I can find out what type of lens my Saturn has, so I can set that jumper thingy on the mod-board correctly? (see here:

2. I got that 64-Pin chip sitting in my Saturn and I understand that I have to solder the blue wire to Pin 8 of it (as stated here: )... but on none of the pictures I found can clearly be seen if Pin 8 has to be desoldered and lifted up or if the cable just has to be soldered onto Pin 8 w/o removing it from the board. Can anyone clarify this?

Bye and TIA,

-- NorQue
you dont lift the pin, just sloder to it

you might want to try the method in the top of the saturn forum though, which just needs some soldering on the modboard and the power cable (the stick post you need to look at)
For some unexplained reason not all mods work with 64 pin Saturns.

Good luck.
Woah, works fine! Thank you all, especially mal for saving me the trouble to solder to that friggin' small pin
. After reading through that whole six-pages thread I initially thought I was fucked, 'cause my chip came from Lan-Kwei only about two months later than the ones most of the other 64-Pin Saturn owners complained about to be not working. But the install went smooth, I only had to turn the ribbon cable around once and voila, everything worked perfectly. CDRs as well as PAL originals boot just fine now

Tomorrow I'll go buy some switches to region & 50/60 Hz mod my Saturn, so I can finally get rid of those butt-ugly black borders and save me the hassle to patch my copies :
: .

Thank you very much,

-- NorQue