Need some help with my Sega CD

Hello All. I just picked up a Sega Cd with a Sega Genesis 16bit. Now, It came with a Sega CD Game, both of the Controllers, and an av hook up and power adapter. I am trying to figure out how to get the Sega CD Working, but have had no luck. The only way the whole system starts is by having the AC Adapter and the R/F Cable hooked into the Genesis part. Whenever I have the AC Adapter hooked in the Sega CD part, and try turning the system on via the switch, nothing happens. If somebody could help me out, and try and guide me in the right direction, I would vetry much appreciate it. Thanks alot
if you only have one adapter that could be your problem...the sega cd also needs to have an adapter plugged into it...
You were right
. I had to hookup my sega genesis 8 bit cuz i didn't have ne other adapters, but this one game worked. Hopefully I can find an adapter somewhere so I can use the 16bit. Would I be getting better gfx with the 16bit and Sega Cd, or would they be the same as the 8bit and Sega Cd. BTW, thanks for your help man, really appreciate it
Hmm, Are you serious? Cuz I got one of those square Sega Genesis Systems, and then when I got this Sega CD, it came with a more rectangular one, with volume control on the bottom left for the headphones and stuff. It says 16-bit on the Genesis, yet the other dont
. Also some games I had had 16-bit written on them? I dunno, your probably right, it's just I thought I had the 8-bit one all along. Thanks alot
there were 3 different cases for the genesis, model 1-3, 1 being the largest. they are all identical otherwise, tho.
The more rectangular one is the model 1. The square one is the model 2. It will also work with the sega CD, but you won't need the spacer that goes under the genesis on the end. that's only needed for model 1's.
this is Genesis Model 1:


This is the genesis Model 2:


This is the third and final Genesis model:


My god, the controller's bigger than the Genesis!

I didn't know it was THAT small!

Sega CD:

Model 1, original:


this is the second, and last Sega CD:


note that the original Model 1 Genesis could be used, a spacer would be needed, that only supported the Genesis, physically. can't have the side of the genesis hanging over the edge, now can we?
If you are talking about that piece that goes at the end of a model 2 sega cd for a model 1 genesis so it will cover the part of the genesis that is sticking out, you don't really need it. I have a model 2 sega cd useing a model 1 gen and it has worked fine without a spacer.
The spacer must be just for Aesthetic reasons, and a little support. kinda like why sega says no 32x with the CDX, precautionary statement
Originally posted by Link Hylia@June 27 2002,16:10

The spacer must be just for Aesthetic reasons, and a little support. kinda like why sega says no 32x with the CDX, precautionary statement

Not for aesthetic reasons, it's there because the FCC requires it to be so that the console complies with the minimum RF emission requirements, but is not necessary in real life..
wow i didn't realize the Genny 3 was that small either -- that would make a nice travel machine.

Although I guess that's what my laptop with emu is also for
Originally posted by Arakon@June 27 2002,19:32

actually that's what the nomad is for.

for 15 minutes, only though

the Gen 3 is good for taking to a freinds house, and play Sonic 2 with him/her; too bad it can't be hooked up to the Sega CD.

but would 32x Still work?
They took out some kind of processor (I think) that's required for the 32x. It also causes some games to be incompatible with it, due to the missing processor.

Arakon: Was it the Z80 they took out?

Link Hylia: I have a Model 1 Genny with Model 2 SCD, without the spacer. It actually looks pretty cool with the Genny going over the edge.
The 3rd in the series, named the Genesis 3, was released by Majesco, not SEGA. Although it was under permission of SOA, that model is MK-1641, the MK 1601 is the original, and the MK 1631 is the second of the series.

The Genesis 3 does not have the Z80 processor, and that means the following:

1. Unable to run the MS convertor as it needs the Z80 chip which is the brain of the SMS.

2. Unable to run Game Genie, the Z80 must have played a role in the use of this for code break ins.

3. Unable to run special games such as Sega's Virtua Racing, which again uses the Z80.

The obvious disability of the Genesis 3 is the missing expansion port that used the purpose of running the SegaCD system. These factors should be taken in consideration if anyone is looking to buy a Genesis system. -- Contributed by Nestor J. Galeano