Need some info on 3DO games

I've been working on a database of 2d linear action platform games and have finished indexing MSX, MSX2, Lynx, Jaguar, SNES, NES, Gamegear, Master System, CD-i, PCE, and a hoarde of others. I just got around to working on 3DO but I don't really know any 3DO games or where I could look for a page that lists every 3DO game with screenshots to tell if it is a 2d linear platform game or not.

I was wondering if any of the 3DO enthusiests here might be able to help come up with a list of just the games. I can always hunt down publisher/developer/year info on my own (not to mention that would waste a lot of your time to find out for me).

Anyway, I'd really appreciate any help I can get. For anyone who doesn't know what I mean by 2d linear platform game, basically games that play like Sonic the Hedgehog (only move left and right, jump over stuff, etc)
Gex springs to mind immediately, and it's actually a pretty good game IMO. Out of This World (aka Another World in Europe) and Flashback may also count, although they're adventure games rather than a jump and collect-em-all style.

Edit - one of the guys on the #3DO channel also mentioned Soccer Kid, although I haven't played it.
I played the SNES version of Soccer Kid. It's actually a pretty creative game.

The ones you mentioned as adventure, are they just 2D linear (left and right movement) or is it like those Konami Turtles arcade games where you can move up and down in a small field on the screen as well as left and right?
they are liniar, and there is also Captain Quazzar, which is not linear but it is 2d, and there is a few others as well...