Need to get rid of some stuff....

Pearl Jammzz

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Here is a lot of stuff I am selling. Prices are negotiable and of course the more you buy, the more lienient I am. Buyers pay actual shipping. I don't do paypal (sorry :-/). If you have any questions about anything, just PM me and ask. I have sold a number of things on these boards before (SX and NX). I dont know if anyone has ever left me feedback in the feedback section but you can check. If anyone has anything posative or negative about my selling, just post it. Well, look at what I have and lemme know what you want.

Final Fantasy Chronicles [PSX]: I am pretty sure most of you guys know what this is....PSX versions of Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger. These are updated w/ FMV's and a little bit better graphics cuz it's runnin’ on the PSX. This is all in new condition also. Here is what it one comes with:

*FFIV disc and Chrono Trigger disc.(new)

*Case and all inserts and registration card and stuff.(new)

*Features updated graphics and FMV's, which can be turned off.(new)

This is complete and like new, FFIV was played through in a couple of sittings and Chrono Trigger was never played. Asking $35 for it.

Chrono Cross [PSX]: Sequel to Chrono Trigger for the SNES. Huge ass game here with TONS of story, almost too much. Everything here is in mint condition. Here is what it has:

*2 game discs.(mint)

*Instruction manual, all inserts, and registration card.(mint)

*Sequel to Chrono Trigger, can it get any better? Not by much....

This is of course all complete like all my other stuff and in excellent condition. I am asking $20 for it.

All GBA/GBC/GB games are complete with packaging, booklets, and all that other stuff that comes with them unless stated otherwise.

-Castlevania - Circle of the Moon (GBA): $15

-Mario Golf (GBC): $7

-Mario Kart Super Circuit (GBA): $15

-Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (GBC): $10

Here is the lone XBox game I am selling....comes complete.

-Sega GT 2002 + JSRF: $10

Saturn games are all just cd's except Virtua Fighter 2 which comes w/ box, inserts, and insturction manual.

-Criticom: $3

-Daytona USA: $5

-Madden 97': $2

-NFL Quarterback Club 97': $2

-NHL All-Star Hockey: $2

-Striker 96': $4

-Virtua Fighter 2 (complete!): $7

-Winter Heat: $5


If you buy a few things and want sumthin thrown in, here is where to look.

-Everquest Online Adventures BETA 1 and 2 (PS2), includes the 2 BETAs and comes with all the manuals and stuff they sent out: $10 for both.

-GCN Preview DVD, unopened, plays on DVD players or a computer, and previews about 23ish games: $3

-Star Fox Adventures Air Freshener (the car kind).