Neo Geo CD Replacement Shells

I was just wondering if anyone here knows if there is any place on the web that sells just the console shell of a Neo Geo CD because the cd door on mine is broken.

(Edited by alpharogue at 9:43 pm on Mar. 28, 2002)
I dont recommend ebay.

They rarely have any NeoGeo CD systems up there which are very expensive. the cheapest one I saw was 100 dollars. I believe its still on now.
Neo-Geo CD isin't exactly a common system. It had a rather small fanbase. You won't find them as cheap as things like Saturn, PC-Engine (no CD unit), etc. Either way, $100 for the machine really isin't a bad buy if it's in mint condition. And it still $200 cheaper than a Turbo Duo with much easier to find and cheaper games.