neogeo pocket colour

the system is a neogeo pocket colour. the game is neo turf masters. it will save if i suspend the game, but never holds any stats or 'proper' saves. i've replaced all of the batteries, but no success. if anybody has an idea of what the problem might be, it would be greatly appreciated...
maybe one of the leads um.. leading from the battery connector is not seated properly?

Thats just a guess, because Ive never opened a NGPC.
another related question that might also be my problem. will the ngpc hold save files from multiple games simultaneously, or does running a program automatically wipe all other programs' saved data? ie if i run the bios program (horoscope/calendar/etc...), would that wipe the turf masters saves?

sorry if these are obvious questions, but i have no manual, and have been unable to locate one so far. thanks guys!

and, unfortunately, i can't open it, because one of the six screws holding it together is a 'three branch' security screw, and it's recessed far enough that my security bit won't reach it. so hopefully it's not an internal issue...

basically, if anybody knows where i can find information about how the system saves game data, that would probably help immensely...