Nero and Saturn Burning

I burned a copy of SF3 scen 2 onto a cd using Nero, however it wouldnt work on my saturn, is it just that im not doing the switch correctly or is Nero incapable of performing the saturn burn?
nero is capable from my knowledge. maybe you got a faulty copy or you are doing the swap wrong.

do you have a universal key or the country switch cause swapping won't make a jap game run on a us system alone.

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First, you're in the wrong forum. Secondly, Nero is only capable if you use a CUE/BIN burn. Nero can not burn ISO/MP3 because it does not support mixed mode CD's from images. Try using Easy CD Pro 95 to burn your Saturn CD's or use CDRwin or for an even easier use, you can use Fireburner. Also, like gamefoo said, make sure that the country code is correct. You can use the Saturn Country Code Changer from the Misc Section to change that.
Sorry about being on the wrong forum and thanks for the help but i managed to fix the cd and have run both scenarios all i need to do is replace my worn down saturn :)