Nero Burning Rom

To the group,i thought i'd cracked it but i just coastered it again. It burned the aurio tracks uk but decided to burn the iso file as an iso file. Can anyone tell me how to persuade nero to burn the iso file as a track image and the audio as data? it seems to only want to do one or the other at the moment
Cuesheets are not tied to any single image format. Anyway, you do need one, because this is the only way to make Nero burn a mixed-mode disc using an ISO (to the best of my knowledge, anyway).
You need a cue sheet if you are using Nero regardless of the image format. Just because it's "BIN/CUE", doesn't mean it can't be "ISO+MP3+CUE".
Once the cue sheet is made, go into nero, cancel all those silly wizards and nonsense, and do the following:

File -> burn image

NOT File -> open. That's a mistake (one of many) that I made.

Here it'll ask you to find the file. The default is *.iso, so change that too 'show all files' or whatever the second option is.

Open the cue sheet and burn. No need to modify anything. It should work out fine.
ok, the cue sheet maker wont f***ing install!!!! keeps saying i have out of date files, please restart, restarted three times just to make sure and each time is says the same.