Nero Burning

Ok... I burn with nero, "Sega CD Games that is" well what i do it basically click on CD-Copy, and ethier make a cdr copy directly or i burn a *.nrg file to the hard drive (then copy later on a cdr)... they seem to work fine "usually I just throw them in the sega cd player to make sure they work and they do", am i missing somthing here with all these steps i see taken with cdrwin, discjuggler, ect. or am i good to go on what im doing now... any info would help.. thanks
That depends on what your goal is. If your goal is to create a backup of a Sega CD game you own, then you're doing fine. If your goal is to burn images downloaded from the internet, what you're doing might not always work because Nero images are not the standard type of image (although, you can convert it to a popular type using CDmage). Popular types are BIN+CUE and ISO+MP3 or ISO+WAV. Nero can burn these types of images by loading a cue sheet (from the BIN+CUE or a cue sheet you create) and burn. CDRWin, FireBurner, and BlindWrite work the same way: load cue sheet and burn. Additionally, like EZCD Pro, FireBurner can burn by dragging and dropping the ISO track first and then audio tracks after without using a cue sheet.