Nero Tip of the Day

All right

I've seen many posts either asking how to or answers saying no you can't etc... concering Luna as well.

Well, actually you can and here's how:

Note: this method will create a file on hd so make you you have the space for it first. You could also burn directly to cd i guess but since i don't have mine at the moment i can not confirm.

For bin/cue format instead of usual nrg or for making your ISO/mp3 version of Luna into bin/cue:

1- Make a cue file either with notepad, edit etc.. or better yet, use CDRCue like i do.

CdrCue allows you to drag&Drop ( iso, wav, mp3, raw ) files directly in it and generates the cue file from it. Very Neat but needs registration for more than 10 tracks ).

NOTE: You will have to convert you mp3's to wave first because Nero won't accept the mp3 format from the cue file and also make sure that the .wav files are in the right order in the cue file.

2- Make a dummy .bin file in your work directory using dos or whatever method you prefer.

This will be the actual bin file so name it appropriately.

3- Start up Nero and goto File -> Burn Image

Put the tab to "all files" and locate your previously made .cue file from step 1.

4- If you used CDRCue for step 1, you will now have the Image write screen poping up so just hit write and don't worry about the dao tab being greyed out and checked.

If you edited your cue file manually and did it properly, it will also work but if you forgot even the slightest thing in it, you will get errors and won't be able to burn.

5- You are now asked for a file name to save to.

Again pull up the "all files" tab instead of the .nrg one and locate your dummy .bin file and click it.

It will ask you to overwrite it, answer yes and voila, you are now burning a bin file.

You can now mount the cue file with daemon tools and "YES" you can now play Lunar on gens.


You missed out on one very important step:

Make sure you have Image Recorder selected:

CD-Recorder --> Choose Recorder... --> Image Recorder --> OK

By default, for people who have burners, their burner would be selected under Choose Recorder..., that's why this step is necessary, else they'd be burning to CD instead of creating the big .NRG image file you're telling them to.
Aye, you are correct but as i said, since i have no burner presently, i could not confirm the burn part.

Thx for adding that part.