Nes Backup Unit


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Yes you can use an EEPROM, but the cheapest writer is $150 and the eraser is $50 so looking at $200 for that, then you can either unsolder your old NES PCBs (best bet) but size matters...or buy ones that I don't even know exsist? anyway if you have the money LMK I have done this for dumping NES ROMs, but never did it for playing them (I know how to do it).

STEP 1: Open up NES cart, *carefully* unsolder the ROM chip from the PCB.

STEP 2: Stick the chip in the EEPROM eraser and nuke it = wipe it clean!

STEP 3: Stick it in the EEPROM writer and see what the size is (only be compatiable with those size ROMs) and burn it back.

NES ROMS must be in raw .bin need to find a tool that converts them back to the original .bin format and removes .INES or .NES headers they're all wrong!

This way no need to diable the protection chip as it is on the original NES PCB :D

EEPROM reader & writer buy it from:

Ronen was working on a NES USB Flash cart, but he got all afraid of Big N so as far as I heard he stopped it :( The 2600 cart is in the works and 5200 is available now