NES Game Genie

no i am not asking about codes, i need to know how to put it into the nintendo with a game, and get it to turn on

any help is appreciated
Um... I think like it hooks onto the game and then you put the game into the NES....

I'm not sure... I never felt the need to use a game genie.... *c0fcheaterc0f*
I never had any problem with mine, you just plug it on the end of the cartridge, place it in the nes, make sure its snug and press down to make it click and turn the system on
I doesn't hook between the nes and the game?



You still have emulation to put the codes anyways. It's not illegal because you actually have the nes, the game, and the game genie :)
one thing i have had happen with one of those type of carts (it was a codemasters micro machines cart in fact) is the nes just kept resetting (the power light blineked as if no cart was inserted at all)

i opened up the cart and found the problem almost instantly, the connector when you pulg the nes cart into just fell off, there was only 20 of the pins used on this one though, so i removed the broken pins and took some of the pins out of the centre, replaced the pins and resoldered the cart back onto the connector and it worked fine after that

and yes, it doesnt sit down in the nes, just sits half in the slot