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Chalk it up to my ignorance/slowness, but I'm still unclear on the mechanics of this:

How do you burn the *.nrg file w/ the Roms on the same disc? I've read people doing it, but I'm not sure how...

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You've probably read about self-booting the emulator with roms on the same disc. There are plenty of self-booting tutorials/tools out there on the web.


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I used JimNESBoot, and it worked like a charm. You can get it from, and you will need to find your own roms and get the plain files from the nester homepage, but then just fire up the batch file and put the files in the directories it tells you, and it churns out a nice, selfbooting nero or discjuggler image.


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ive done that in the past, but i just needed to make a quick disc, and didnt feel like it was worth it to do it the hard way.