Networking problem


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I got a question. I got two computers, one has a cable

modem and works fine, i have my lan wire hooked up

to the hub which has the cable modem wire hooked

up to it. Now, the other computer also has a fully

functional wire, which i tested on my working

computer, but, this will not connect to the internet lan

that we have set up. It was working fine a few days

ago but now it's not. I am sure the wires are in the right

slots and i have checked over and over again. Is this

just a problem with the computer or is it a hub or

connection problem?
I'm not Ark but I know a little networking....

When you say hub I'm guessing you mean one of those dsl/cable modem routers? Anyway there's a lot of places for things to go wrong in networking. I guess the first place to check is to see if the light on the switch or your network card turns on when you plug it in. If that doesn't work try reinstalling the drivers for your network card andor putting the network card in a different slot. If the light does turn on the next thing to check is to see if the computer that's not working is getting a proper ip address. In win2k and Xp, just go to start => run => cmd. This will take you to command prompt. From there type ipconfig and see what type of an ip address your getting. In WinMe and below I *believe* the command is winipcfg. Anyway check to make sure your getting an ip address. Try doing an ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew. If you do get an ip address try pinging the working computer. The command is ping <ip address>. If it pings you know that the hub is working and then the problem is most likely the dns...
Uh.... if you are using a cable/dsl router, it should do it all automatically for you.

If you are just using a hub, which just lets multiple computers connect to the cable modem, you need t manually assign ip addresses to each machine and put them both on the same subnet. This can be done through your network properties.

Personally, I think it's a pain in the ass and its a lot faster and easier and a bit more expandable to go out and toss down 100$ for a Linksys 4 Port Cable/DSL router. Use your hub for when all of your friends come over and you want to have more than 4 pc's on your network.

If you are actually using a hub, all you are trying to do is tap both computers into the broadband at the same time without giving them the proper uh, identifications. Your best bet is {if you are running WinMe or later} to use the Networking Wizard stuff that comes with Windows. Also, if you are using IE to browse the net, when you try to open up a webpage and it dumps you at "The Page cannot be displayed", there is a small link about halfway down the page that says Detect My Network Settings. If you have everything set up correctly, try clicking that and see what happens.