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Ok heres my problem, I had this working a little while ago, but now I dont remember, been outta school for too long. Ok, I have 3 computers in my house, all with the internet, split thru a router, now is there a way to network these computers together thru the router so I can share the files on each of the computers?


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I've set up file sharing and ahve my protocols installed, but I cant see the other computer in the network, I can see my computer fine, but cant see the other computer.


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You need to make sure you've specifed

a) that you've have files/folders/drives to share

b) that they're on the same workgroup.

If they're not on the same workgroup (which could likely be the case), you won't see them in network neighborhood; however, if you search for them (by whatever name you gave them) it should come up.

As an aside - Windows2K takes forever to open folders on other drives, whereas 98 takes next to no time. I'm not sure why that is.


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What version of windows?

Is the workgroup all the same?

Is the subnet mask all the same?

Is the IP address all the same except for the last numbers?


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Yes, everything has been set up to spec, subnets ips and all that are set up correct, I for some reason just cannot see the other pc, I'm only using a router, but still it should work. The only problem i cna think of is i'm using windows 98 se and my computer is running 2K


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I've done that, its probably a bad install on my computer, Windows never seems to want to install right. I'm just gonna go out and get a new processor. celeron 800's a piece of crap.


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My router has a built in switch, turns out netbeui wasnt installed on the p4 system and I thought it was. silly me, problem is fixed now, lan games away!!! heheh
what are you doing with a router? i assume your not talking about a couple of grand's worth of cisco's goodness. Describe what piece of equipment you have in terms, of make, model number and things like how many ports it has and what they are labeled. Dont bother with crappy windows wizards i'll tell you how to network those by hand.

At my house we have two computers on a 16 port 100m switch, with one computer providing routing, fserve and ftp serving
I setup a true solaris, with terminals, and Windows emulation for it. Modem logon for other braches to logon to home office, and VPN support. ;)

Then I left the stupid dull and boring....