I have 4 comp running win NT4 WS in a BNC LAN.

I add a comp running win XP home in this network, but the XP doesn't see the NT ones and vice-versa.

The NT comp still see each other.

I've check TCP/IP config and it looks good (for me at least).

Each comp have unique name and same workgroup.

Any idea? Are XP home and NT4ws not compatible?


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Are the IP's all like 192.168.1.x?

BNC is a bit crusty - you have a terminator at each end of the chain?

Can you ping the other machines from the XP box? How about the XP box from the NT machines (all of them)?
Originally posted by Curtis@Oct 21, 2003 @ 11:04 AM

Are the IP's all like 192.168.1.x?


BNC is a bit crusty - you have a terminator at each end of the chain?


Can you ping the other machines from the XP box? How about the XP box from the NT machines (all of them)?

From the XP box : No (but the XP box can ping itself)

From the NT box I can ping only NT ones (doesn't work for the XP box)

Techies tell me to upgrade to XPpro


I thought it was 192.168.0.x?

Is that a big difference?

Does the XP box connect via BNC also?

Does the card have several connection alternatives? (BNC, TNP, AUX . . or whatever)

You may need to enable BNC as the connection method.


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It's just one of the private address ranges, you can use you can use 192.168.[0-255].0 as your network.

As for your problem, it's not an OS issue, it's a networking issue. Upgrading to XP would not help if you can't ping across the network.

The only thing I can think of at the moment is to check that your subnet masks match.


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Firstly you can disable XP firewall and start by simple pings in a cmd window.

PS : also did you verify network mask ?
I've check :

Some workgroup

Unique name

Same subnet mask

Doesn't work either with another ethernet card

No firewall enable

whatever IP I put in the XP box it can only ping itself and nothing else


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xp can be picky, tell it to set up a small home network or whatever. It will then proceed to bork your settings through and through. Then change them back and it may work. I've had to do that in the past.


Established Member's a thing to try. Take one of the NT machines off the network and then try the XP box - so there is a total of 4 devices on the network. If you can't ping the other machines, that's a fairly good indicator that you've got a fundamental hardware/cabling fault.

One more thing - the network card you're using does actually have a driver for XP, right?


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If you have problems with ping, you can verify if your hardware works correctly by pinging loopback address ( it must answer elsewhere you have to change your card or driver.

disable win xp firewall (but it seems you already did it) :

Open Network Connections

=> Click Start

=> Click Control Panel

=> then double–click Network Connections

=> select lan connection

=> right click andselect properties

=> advanced : uncheck box

create the same account on the two pc but normally it's useless with xp (ForceGuest by default)
I've discovered that my network doesn't work with RTL8029 based card

(I've tried 2 card like this and I'm sure they work fine)

BUT, my network runs fine when I plug a 3com card. (don't remenber wich one)

I've tried latest driver for RTL8029 card but no luck.

I'm going to buy anew 3com card ...

Strange don't you think ??

And I'seen nowhere incompatibily between XP and this kind of card ...
To confirme my previous post :

I switch cards from one comp to the other (the NT box now have the RTL8029 based card and the XP box now have the 3COM 3C900).

After switching, everything work instantly.

From my experience, you shouldn't use RTL8029 based card with winXP (or shouldn't use winXP ...)

Thank you everyone for the advices. :)

BTW : I'm using IP 192.30.30.XX, everyone tell to use 192.168.1.XX : what's the matter ?