New BATMAN cast - Christian Bale


Originally posted by racketboy@Sep 12, 2003 @ 06:59 PM

I heard talk of Ashton Kutcher (Kelso) to get the lead.

Guess that didn't go through -- surprise!
I can't stand that dude. But he's a fellow dodger fan... so i guess i can tolerate him in some way.

I'm kinda glad that it's not another joel schumacher star and quip fest, I couldn't stand the last two batman films, they just weren't as dark as remember batman being.

Superman on the other hand, yeah those can be funny.

dude in crowd 1: they killed superman!

2nd dude in crowd: let's get em!


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Never heard of the guy...

Up 'till now Micheal Keaton was the best Batman (besides Adam West :) )

All those other Batmovies were utter shite.

Has anyone of you seen Batman Dead End btw? You can download it on Kazaa or any other filesharing program. It's an 8 minute movie with Batman beating up the Joker and with a suprising twist.


Christian Bale can certainly do brooding pretty well, so maybe there's hope..

What's with the sudden resurgence of superhero films anyway?

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Will it feature a two-villian line-up or will it be 2.5 to match the trio now? I wouldn't mind seeing the Scarecrow, the Mad Hatter or Scarface.