New Forum is teh shit.

I'm just glad it's back up.

Thank goodness that regular backups were made.

Kinda suspicious about the person who started the thread about how many times the board gets backed up...
but the old one isint there --- boo hoo

gues i have to live with it snif snif

its fine i gues
Except for the fact that we have a qoute (sic) button instead of a quote button, I think it's great.
I have not been on this message board for a while, but the new design and layout is very pretty, I'd say.

Great smiles too.
I don't like it myself, but there you go. The new logo is horid, any chance of a better one? It's hardly readable.

And can you do anything about the javascript on the post page not working in Opera (which supports all standard Javascript)? And can you please make it so that I don't have to download all those cluttered smileys just to post (particularly if I can't use them)?

Can you please reactivate being able to view threads without being logged on? That really bugs me.
There is a news thingy at the top of all the forums.

If you have the chance check it out every now and then, new announcements are there like "the forums login problem is fixed" and stuff like that.

Erk. I'm not really liking this new forum. It's a little too messy for me. Maybe I just have to get used to it. Might take a while. I can't say I like the smilies either... again, really messy looking. Also, the logo is indeed hard to read. The line goes right through the links at the top on 1024x768.

I suggest making a scheme that is like the old message board. With the old smilies, colors, images etc. Again, I might be over reacting, but I'm really not liking this. Yes, I also realize that it's not up to me, but I'm not bashing it for the sake of it. I'm making some constructive criticism.

Also, the link on the sidebar is not linked to the new messageboard. I was only able to access it because you posted a link to a specific topic in the news.

edit: okay, I switched skins from the "lunar" to "Graymatter1"... it looks a lot better now. But while I'm at this, the "show all" link for the smiles doesn't do anything. I'd still like to see the old selection of smilies in the clickable box with everything that's larger in the "show all" part. I also got the link on the left side to work. I had to reload the page for some reason to get the link to change to the new one.
i do like the smiles -- i didnt want to say before but sisnce its out in the open i think the logo ir horrid too -- its good but i realy dont think it matches anything -- it stands out - it bothers me when i get on the page cause - it hits me in the face -- i hope that is understandable

and no i dont think i can do better - and im not trying to step on anyone just trying to give a warped observation

oh -- and you can call me square but i dont think that marajuana leaf is needed
Hehe, its actually just a skin we downloaded from the people who made the board. At present we are making some new skins, bringing an old one back too. Might take about a week or so.
hmmm which is cooler i think :devil , now lets go get a :cheers together.

such :spam this post is

but i agree i don't like the new logo