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I was playing around with a pinball game recently, trying my hardest to beat my top score, and I suddenly wondered why I was bothering? Nobody would ever know that I just scored 2,XXX,XXX,XXX,XXX. So I figured why not float the idea of a High Scores forum here at SegaXtreme?

It could be a place where challenges are issued and immortality assured, a place of triumphs and tradgeies - it could be the greatest forum in the universe! Buhahahahah!
(sorry, too many cheesy pinball voice overs...

So what does everyone think (Admins especially)?

(I'd be more than happy to...ahem...look after such a forum if it were ever to exist
Could be fun, however one issue, you need proof, The problem THERE is that most sega games can be hacked then made a fake score, The ONLY way for it really to work is by netplay to prove it. However most wont do netplay or so so I dont know..... hard to say..
Well, yes, it would have to rely fundamentally on trust, but how many people could be bothered to hack a game just so they could be top dog?

I was thinking that maybe photographic proof would be necessary for the really outragous claims, but I think it could work as an honesty system.
Um as I said, hack the game with hex editor (isnt hard to do) change the numbers, then make picture of it, and youd be surprised at how many would do it. =(
like they did with Nintendo Power or Sega Vision Magazines?

still pretty easy to fool, Game Genie, tape, cheat, record, remove GG, play tape, turn on Genesis, take picture

Oh well, there goes idealistic idea #10038. Seems sad that people would go to those lengths, but I guess it would most likely happen...
Well TV is same... hook up PC to TV and hack it =PP

Just rem some of us here dont have the console, and those of us who do might not have the game, thus still on PC, only way it works is netplay. Have a ref watch.
reminds me of a TV program we used to have over here on sky one called Games world. It was on every week day and every day had a different theme. The wednesday one was very peep show/burlesque styled and has a section where people sent in video tapes of their personal records. I think the record for the first level of sonic 2 was 19 seconds (mine is 24 secs) and an obsenely short time to beat the silver sonic, less than 17 secs from the start of the level. It was a good show but it got cancelled as satellite TV became more mainstream. I think people complained about having a "Mistress" who solved your game problems