New Genesis Flash Linker with 32x support!!!!!&#33


Just to let you know that today (thursday) the guys at tototek released the MD PLUS, and its got awesome features: it supports both genesis AND 32x games! You cant go wrong!!! Plus it costs just $20 US more than the old version compatible with genesis only.



MD-PRO 64M Plus Flash card for Genesis/MegaDrive 16Bits Console

High quality product.

Professional development kit never seen before

Multi Region support (USA/JPN/EUR), ***Not support for 32X

NTSC/PAL console support

Multi games support up to 31 games. ***Both normal and 32X game

40M big game size support

M68000 address/data pair code, Genie code, unlimited lives, full power/option support

SH2 address/data pair code, Genie code, unlimited lives, full power/option support

Cheat code for both single game and multi games. Each game can enable and disable from the software

Sram support 4 different games with 256K save

Battery backup sram, can be read back to computer file

Support different format rom file, *.SMD, *.BIN, MGD2 format

PCB fit original Genesis/MegaDrive 16Bits cartridge, easy to modify original cartridge case to fit it.

No power supply needed, use USB port to get power. *** You must sure your USB port output is 5V, If not, will damage the card

EPP printer port supported. Don't use SPP/ECP port

Using the cable same as GB Xchanger to connect to computer,***Need both parallel cable + USB A to B cable

Linker Software (Dream Writer for genesis) support 95/98/Me/XP/2000


THe link to the information is:

Tototek´s new Genesis Flash linker with 32x support!!!
Whoooow. :eek:mg: I think i must save 100$ now

By the way, how about this thing ??

Multi Game Doctor MD+SFC 16M only US$ 60

Does it include the cartridges for Megadrive/Genesis and SuperNES ?? Anyone have it ? It is good buy ??
I'm getting one of these, but the 32X addition is really academic. There are not many roms for 32x, as everyone has most of the games. We'll all just play spiderman and sonic.

I would have much rather had the ability to play Master System games. I am still keeping my finger crossed for that.
Originally posted by Artemio Urbina@Jul 11, 2003 @ 06:11 PM

I just received mine (in an Alex Kid case...)

I will test it tonight and play like crazy on my nomad/Genesis/32x =)

How long did it take for you to get it? I mailed my payment over 2 weeks ago, and I haven't heard anything yet... I even send follow-up email.
I payed for it exactly a week ago, Friday night. It was shipped via EMS, and I asked for the tracking number (as I usually do here in Mexico), but before I called Mexopst, it was already in my hands. You should check your tracking number and call your local delivery for it.. might be stuck at customs.
Where are you? I am in Chicago, USA. I didn't get any confirmation. I talked to "Tommy" via messenger. He just wanted to make sure I didn't send it registered mail. ( I didn't). And I haven't heard anything since...
I didn't get any reply or confirmation, but my order came today.

Well, HALF my order. I ordered a flash cart and Pocket Station. He just sent the cart. Oh well, I will just give him the extra money as a tip. <_< I am not expecting him to respond to any emails.

So I try it out. Works on my Gen, but not on my computer. I have tried different cables. On and off -- no response. "card not found". I was so excited and prepared to give this my "thumbs up" but now... i don't know. (A product too good to be true?)

I ran the diagnostic. "Card not found", then twice it said "NT port not found. Something wrong!!!" then went back to the previous routine. I didn't change anything in my procedures!

All in all, about $140 bucks for a cart. I can't say I would recommend it yet until I am sure it doesn't work. I am running XP-- and although it has been around for quite a while, programmers still can't seem to get over making their software for Win 95, so I am downloading an earlier version of the software now. I am not expecting much...
Hi, I paid for the old flash cart (with only Gen support) and received it four days after that and I´m living in Argentina. I requested (and paid) a Pocket Station too, but it was out of stock so they credit the amount in my PayPal account. Btw, jeff, you have to connect the USB and the parallel cable.

Somebody knows how to play 32X games on the older flash cart?

Thank you
@pinkstone: you can't.

@jeff: make sure your printer port is set to EPP and your cable is the right one. if the cart works in a genny, it will work in the flasher too.
Originally posted by Arakon@Jul 13, 2003 @ 11:24 PM

@pinkstone: you can't.

@jeff: make sure your printer port is set to EPP and your cable is the right one. if the cart works in a genny, it will work in the flasher too.

of course I have the USB and printer cable connected....

BUt how do I check or change the settings of the port with XP? Is there an option on the Control Panel? Do I have to buy another cable? Is there a way to check if my cable is correct?
You can change the settings in the PC bios and the cable is a common one, pin to pin. I have XP and works perfectly with the latest software.

Arakon: Thank you.
Well I like at Mexico City.. and took a week as I alerady said. I bet it is teh cable you are using.. Where did you get it? Did you build it yourself? I am using the one I use for the GBA Linker...

BTW, do you guys know if Phantasy Start II uses NVRAM? Because the save games won't work for me....

I tried even a savegame from an emulator, converted it and passed it to teh cart and it didn't work (PS2 detected the files as corrupt)
Well I got mine and had already some games saved; But unfortunatly (or better said, amazingly) my Compaq P4 DOES NOT HAVE a printer EPP MODE!!!!

It only has three options:

Output Only



Win XP detects only EPC mode.

Also, does a 25 pin male-to-male cable work? I bought one and it says it is a direct DB 25 cable and that it should be used to connect PC to Commutators, not for PC to printer or PC to PC... :huh

I got my MD PRO PLUS linker today, i tested it with genesis and 32x games, and it works like a charm!

I would recommend to all those people having problems to contact Tomy through messenger or icq. Dont email him, he never answers to mails. He is very polite, and im sure he will be helpful too!!

Tototek rules!!
There is a new FORUM over at so if you have any questions or comments about their hardware, you can get a direct answer from them...
Hey guy's I'm planning to buy MD-PRO 32M flash Card kit for Genesis/MegaDrive but I'm not sure if my USB Port is 5V then I'd try to check my USB Power but I'm not sure if it is the correct procedure It says TOTAL POWER AVAILABLE: 500 mA per port what it means? It is 5V or not? please HELP........ :huh: :huh:
please don't use the "report to moderator" link just so we can answer your questions. Unneccessay email makes me unhappy.