Sega Genesis Homebrew Uploader without Flash Cart

Hi all! This Genesis Dev part of the forum hasn't received a new post in a while

A tool was just recently released, which takes advantage of the Joypad functions inside games to upload homebrew 68k code into the Sega Genesis RAM. It all works without using a flash cartridge! A custom cable needs to be built though. This is what it takes to get homebrew code loaded onto the Genesis:

- An NTSC/PAL Sega Genesis Model 1 or 2 Console

- A Game Genie

- A copy of Sonic 1 or Sonic 2 or Animaniacs

- A computer (> 1GHz) with a working parallel port with Windows OS

- A custom built parallel port to controller port cable (includes a 74LS157 and 74LS74)

The main page here:

Currently there is no homebrew programs to load onto the Genesis (except for the LAKABAJO test program) because no one has made any yet
. The BasiEgaXorz compiler compiles programs specifically for the RAM addressing space, so beginners can take the example code from the compiler (like shanakee), compile, and upload directly to a Genesis using this LAKABAJO method/system.