New KOF 2001 DC game is no. 2 in Japan!


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Could this mean more new DC games? What do you think?

Did you pick this game up? How do you like it?
I think that Game company's will continue to back the Dreamcast, as long as there is a demand for it...and hell, I demand Sonic Adventure 3, on DC and NOT on X-box/GC/PS2
Interesting. I didn´t know it sold that well. We can always hope for some Dc games more. Myself, i would like to see Shenmue 3 released on any console at all...
KOF is a great game and I have the import version. I would be amazed, though, if there are new games released for the dreamcast. For most developers, it just isn't financially justifiable to release a DC game. If a game is already near completion for the DC, then we might see a couple come out but I would be VERY surprised to see titles like Sonic 3, Shenmue 3, etc appear on the DC since it has become a "dated" system. Don't get me wrong, I love it. In fact, I have over 275 games for it including imports. I spent a fortune on this system when it came out because I knew that it was far superior in gameplay to the PS2. The PS2 might have better in-game movies but the games for the DC still have that console feel which I love...


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I want to pick that up, if anyone has this is it better than kof 2000? I am torn between the two? But I would agree with the previous statements I would love to see shenmue 3 and sonic 3 preferably only on dc.... cmon sega do it.... do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you like endless combos and strikers, get 2001. If you like normal fighting games, get 2000.

BTW, according to their website 2002 is on the way for Dreamcast. If this is the case, I'd pass up both 2000 and 2001
Here you can see all the DC games that are still possibly comming out for the system.


Keep in mind that these may and probably will change. And yes KOF 2k2 in in the list at the bottom.
Well holy batshit. Sentimental Prelude is still in the works? I thought they had to have axed it by now. I guess I'll need to buy that.

In all honesty, from february on it's just gonna be bad AVG games and softcore hentai ports aside from the Dream Collection.

All there really is to look forward to on that list is KOF2002, Sentimental Prelude, an MAYBE Make a Monster.
KOF2000 is prolly gonna stand as the best KOF out of any, since it was the last one actualy made by SNK, and not (shudder) Playmore. But even in 2k there are plenty of cheap striker combos, joe is realy good striker to keep up a 100% damage combo.
'98 is much, much better than 2000 in my opinion. Not even because of all those infinites etc which aren't present in 98 but mostly because of the whole atmosphere of the game. The backgrounds and music are simply brilliant, and the character selection almost perfect. I still play this game almost daily, whereas 2000 is collecting dust. Not saying 2000 is a bad game, far from it, but '98 is the one which will go down in history for me