New Saturn Territory Mod!

I'm gonna have to try this one myself! It's a simple looking Saturn country mod that appears to change territory by using the reset switch. All you need is some wire and a cheap IC that can be found in a 3 button MegaDrive pad.


Check out the main page for cool mods for many consoles, including a switchless Nomad country mod.
So what? u press the reset button to change it? wouldn't that be hard to tell which country u are in AND wouldn't it reset your game? Care to explain how this works in a lil more detail? Thankee......
I just thought I'd share this as Saturn modding seems a popular pastime round here.

It looks like this mod will only switch between Japan/US territories, so you wouldn't get that confused, and of course pressing reset will reset your game, but that's no big deal - why would you want to change the Saturn territory halfway through playing?

I'm busy with work at the moment but if anyone else is brave enough to try the mod, perhaps you could let us now how good it is.
hmmm, I think I understand now. u Power it up, it starts in US mode, then u hit reset and it switches to Jap? hmmmm.....I like it.. specially if it couldswitch to eur mode. That's the only thing I dont like bout' my sat...